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Pamela Kaminiski's Morel Growth Study

These Photos were taken by in reference to a study she did in 2000 on the growth habits of Morchella elata. Click on the image to enlarge . Any Questions that you may have for Pam click on her name above to e-Mail her. Thanks Pam For these photos. Follow this link to Pam's site to see more awesome photos

./images/Morchella elata April 10, 2000.jpg (30677 bytes) On April 8 , 2000, I found the first M. elatas of the season. They were small, about 1 to 2 inches tall. Temperatures reaching the mid 60's. April 9, rain changing to snow, received about 4 inches of snow but it did not last. April 10, temps in mid 50's, and the elatas were markedly larger, with many new fruitings. They loved the snow! Here is the first photo from April 10.
./images/Morchella elata April 12, 2000.jpg (33874 bytes) Temperatures remain cool, mid 40's...but still, they grow.
./images/Morchella elata April 16, 2000.jpg (23643 bytes) Temperatures warming to the mid 70's with showers, then heavy rain and thunderstorms. Temperatures turning cold again.
./images/Morchella elata April 22, 2000.jpg (24617 bytes) Temperatures moderate, mid 60's. Occasional drizzle.
./images/Morchella elata April 25, 2000.jpg (29067 bytes) Temperatures remain cool, mid 50's. 2 inches of rain on 4/23.
./images/Morchella elata April 28, 2000.jpg (24628 bytes) Temperatures warming to high 60's. No precipitation.
./images/Morchella elata May 1, 2000.jpg (31931 bytes) Dry and bit the dust.

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