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NEMF NorthEast Mycological Federation, Inc
Informally conceived in 1976 at a foray attended by people from Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey and New York. The First Annual Northeast Foray was held in 1977, with participants from the BMC, COMA, CVMS, LIMC, NJMA, NYMS, and the NMS. Later, NEMF was incorporated as a New York not-for-profit organization. See also
NAMA North American Mycological Association
A non-profit organization of amateur and professional mycologists with more than 60 affiliated local mycological clubs throughout North America. NAMA’s mission is "to promote, pursue, and advance the science of mycology."
Fungikingdom Pioneer Valley Mycological Association is a frequently updated educational site created by Dianna Smith to provide the amateur mycologist access to informative lessons, presentations, photos and descriptions fungi common to northeastern MA. This website also includes a series of scholarly articles on the subject of fungi by writer/educator Bill Bakaitis.
Upcoming Events Mushroom Growers Newsletter
This web page features upcoming events of note to the organization. This includes many festivals, conferences and other events of interest to the mushroom loving community.
MMS Minnesota Mycological Society
The Minnesota Mycological Society is the second oldest mycological society in North America. It was founded in 1898 at the initiative of Mary S. Whetstone, a prominent Minneapolis physician. The society was incorporated in 1899, and it has been in continuous existence since then. Mary Whetstone corresponded with nationally known mycologists of her time seeking their help in identification. Today her collections can still be found at the New York State Museum in Albany and as a part of the C.G. Lloyd Collection (National Fungus Collection).
Myco Web Mycological Society of San Francisco
Welcome to MykoWeb, WWW pages devoted to the science of mycology (the study of the fungi) and the hobby of mushrooming (the pursuit of mushrooms). It is a production of Michael Wood, a past president of the Mycological Society of San Francisco. MykoWeb was started in the fall of 1995 and since then has garnered several web Awards. Site contains a catalog of the mushrooms of California complete with pictures and descriptions, among other resources.
PSMS Puget Sound Mycological Society
An organization of people interested in mushrooms and mushrooming, which provides support and encouragement for research, education, cultivation, hunting, identifying, and cooking mushrooms. These folks have a nice website.-ctm
Cornell University Directory of Mycological Resources on the Internet
Very large collection of organized links for mycological resources of all sorts.
Mycology Online University of Adelaide, Australia
Mycology Online is a joint project of the Mycology Unit at the Adelaide Women's & Children's Hospital and School of Molecular & Biomedical Science at the University of Adelaide.
Clinical Mycology Online University of Helsinki, Finland
A resource for mycologists working in the clinical setting
SOMA The Sonoma County Mycological Association
A resource for mycologists in Sonoma County, California. They offer a variety of activities and are a resource for emergency mushroom poisoning through free identification service for hospitals, veterinarians and concerned citizens of Sonoma County.

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