SVMS 2007 Summer I Foray

Ken's looking perky this morning.
Looks like Richard (and others) have provided some pre-foray breakfast.
Looks good too.
Guess Clay should have brought a coffee pot, and the generator to power it.
Folks enjoy breakfast and the beautiful morning while others still arrive. Good reason to be early.
Looks like it's about time to start.
Everybody has a name tag. Did the dog sign in too?
Ok, everyone gather around.
Richard introduces the foray.
"Remember, the food you get at any ONE foray would cover your membership dues!"
Everyone gets ready to depart.
This group is heading to the top of the mountain.
Another group will foray the foot of the mountain.
Beverly will get the food going, right Bev?
Same number of riders at the top of the hill,
as started at the bottom. Always a good sign.
Despite the lack of rain, some things are still being found.
Usually the oak and maple forest provides lots of edibles.
Back at the camp the lower foray returns and starts laying out their finds.
Not bad for a dry week.
Food starts to pile up on the table.
With the daytime temp coming up, it's time for a cold one.
SVMS shirts anyone?
Where is the upper foray?
It's been rummored that when the chef is away the kichen help will goof off....
Naw, that wouldn't happen...
Anyone hear a truck?
And the upper foray is back.
Time to unload those shrooms.
Nobody is jumping out and kissing the ground?
Down with the tailgate, release the dogs! Well there was one dog.
Where is the bushel of edibles Clay?
Finds table is beginning to fill up.
It was this big....
Lunch is on!
Plenty of food. As with previous years there were mushroom straws, and this year Clay introduced...
Dig in!
Don't forget the food on the other table.
See even food kids like.
Bev, you better keep stirring and not let that sloppy joe meat burn
Is that a pasty in your hand Linda?
Can't decide on seconds ay?
Clay and Bev keep the fried food going.
Yee Haw that was good.
Looks like the sorting is coming along.
Sorting complete,
gather around to discuss the finds.
While we did not find enough edibles to cook on the spot, we did have examples of many, including...
and some that only Linda eats.
Forays are the best way to learn to recognize local edibles mushrooms and the evil pretenders.
Experts like Richard are able to point out the small details you need to look for, and with...
A day with other mushroom folks, how can you beat that?
See eveybody had a good time.

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