Spring Foray 2007

A beutiful morning marks this year's Spring Foray, no rain, no snow!
Richard brought a ramp and fiddle head quiche. That and the other morning snacks set the scene...
Of course Linda's Black trumpet dip is good 24/7.
More folks arive and signin (and pay dues).
How's that quiche Lori?
The good parking is filling up fast (plenty of bad parking left but more on that later).
Richard sets up the foray, and splits them up into upper and lower groups.
An exemplar of a fine morel.
"This is the last morel you will see today.... until lunch"
Looks like a good group this year.
And their off!
Dry weather and cold nights are not improving our chances.
Light underbrush makes walking easier.
At least it is not raining.... or snowing.
Hey they found something, ramps!
Forays are a great activity for whole families.
At lunch, the morels hit the pan. The weather did not help with finding any, luckly members...
Some mushroom dishes are still cooking....
but plenty more are ready to go.
Fill those plates guys!
Morels to the right of me, mitakies to the left.
Sometimes you find lots of mushrooms, sometimes this is the best part of the foray.
Smoked wild samon dip!
Black trumpet and shitaki meatballs, Swedish style!
IMG 1259
Can't beat the great weather, not too hot not too cold.
Still plenty more food too.
Great food, drink and friends, seems like its time to hear those "mushroom that got away" stories.
Oh look, some new victims....
And the top of the mushoom's cap was this high....
so I grabed it by the gills and gave it what for...
in the end we has to cut it in half so it would fit in to the back of the pickup trucks.
Would not be the same without Roger's wine.
Other food items included (but are not limited to) home made kebassa and sausage, pickeled hen of...
Amazingly the weather continues to hold.
Marcy keeps an eye on the mushrooms still cooking.
Ah yes, back to the bad parking spots.
You know, the ones that involve a ditch.
An the incoventintly placed road sign.
It was this guys luck that mushroomers always have trucks and tow cable.
Free at last! What a nice ending to another great foray.

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