SVMS Summer II Foray 2006

Friday night everyone gathered for cocktails and disccusion of tomorrows forays. Even the dogs
Looks warm in that tent.
Dogs playing nice
Its good to see old friends again
Friday also featured a band.
You could hear them just fine
from outside. Rock on Richard,
rock on!
Wow, they have worn out another piano player!
Saturday morning started with pancakes and sausages. Everyone was impressed with Richard's home...
More folks arrive, some we haven't seen for quite a spell
Plenty of parking
Coffe hot Dave?
Richard describes the forays
Some go that-a-way and some that-a-way
Forayers unload in front of Windy Hill Candle Factory to start the 1.5 mile walk that will end up...
A bucket, quite optimistic
The walk started in stands of pine
Past a swamp
and then across a field
then dropping into mixed hardwoods (and dranage for the swamp)
Quite a variety of mushrooms were found, just not right here.
Along with this hen, aborted entalomas and sulfur shelf were collected (Linda cooked this one up...
Not these two babies, they are for latter (to Linda's dismay, "you never can tell what will...
As forayers unload their baskets, lunch is being readied
Dave Fischer and John Boyle start the sorting process
While others grab some lunch
Lunch is on the other table!
Quite a lot of varieties were found
Two and one half tables worth
Yep, lot of shrooms
Ok Richard, you can stop looking smug now.
After lunch a group forayed into another area (not these folks)
Tom Erway cooks up chicken halves with his special sauce
How they comming Tom?
The waiting would have sucked if not for the great mushroom discussions
So Richard, aren't you glad Tom showed up?
Dinner at last. The chicken was accompanied by many mushroom dishes that folks brought along....
The keg is cold,
and snacks abundant. Was that thunder?
Luckly the rain was breif,
and plenty of dry places to wait it out.
Still working on that bolete John?
See the piles of editables behind the chairs? Unfortunatly when the rain quit, the power went out.
Even the dark of night can not stop the camera....
Power is back, but Saturday's band left (another gig)
Never the less whe had some fine entertainment
John Boyle gave us a slide show on a project where farmers used their tree farm to cultivate...
Too bad the project did not work out. They got lots of mushrooms,
that rotted on the inocculated logs. John also showed us some slides and tips on cultivating...
After the slides Dave and and other players,
jamed a while.
You could listen inside,
or outside.
The rest of the night was talk, beer, more food (chicken wings, deer summer sasuage, etc.) and...
Sunday morning Richard made the omlets he is famous for.
Keep at it Richard, here come a few more.
species found s2-2006

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