SVMS Summer 1 2006

Folks arrive for the foray and sign in
Good to see so many faces again
Linda missed the last Summer 1 foray because of a wedding (not her's she wouldn't plan something as insignificant on a foray date)
Is it straight Ken?
Lori forms up the lower hill side foray
Folks going up to the top shake hands with the lower foray (for the last time?)
After a hair-rasing 4WD truck drive up the Martin's road (it was washed out in the June floods and repaired by hand so the foray could go on) The upper foray starts finding mushrooms almost immediately.
The Martin's mountain is covered with oaks and maples, with a few sprinkles of pine.
Found quite a few Lactarius corrugis, along with Lobster mushrooms, Black trumpets,and Chanterelles. We cooked a bunch on the spot and still had plenty for folks to take home.
Dave photographs some dog barf fungus, yuck!
Beverly helped cook the teriaki, and mushroom straws.
Forayers drop off their finds at the identification table
The forays return and everyone looks hungry
Dig in folks
In addition to the planed snacks we had lots of mushrooms gathered on the foray for all to try.
Dave Fisher, John Boyle and Richard discuss the mushrooms that were found.
You can't find a better way to learn about the edible and the editble-only-once
Having false Chanterelles and Chanterelles next to one another is a great opportunity to see the difference.
John, as usual, is mostly interested in the Boletes
Quite a collection
You can't pay for a education like this, well, actually you can, but SVMS's dues are less than one class
How's Roger's wine Linda?
No Dave, don't put them in your ears!
Pre-foray, Ken makes a find
Actually quite a few
SVMS Summer 1 2006

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