SVMS Fall Foray 2006

The morning starts bright and sunny as folks start to arrive.
Both old and young enjoy the forays.
Is the coffee ready Roger?
Is that a cloud on the horizon?
Linda's foray brings them out of the woodwork.
It does not look like David has had enough coffee.
As the crowd gathers and everyone signs in, some dark clouds seem to be sneeking up on us.
Looks like someone pre-forayed a hen of the woods.
Ha! you can't sneek past the camera! Why? Cause no one expects the camera inquisition!
Everyone have a name tag?
Table ready to accept collected specimens?
Bags ready?
Looks like Linda has been out checking some spots.
Some folks brought mushrooms found on the way here.
Richard gives everyone the rundown on the particulars of the foray.
Clouds are beginning to look ominous.
Darn intimidating.
And they're off! The main group at least.
Another group is going to foray into some rougher areas.
"Afraid of the rain, who? me?"
The foray begins to turn up specimens right away.
The mixed woods around Linda's provide a variety of habitats.
This group pauses at the end of the low wet trail they have been following. Little do they know...
Luckily the storms pass through quickly.
Specimens begin to arrive on the sorting table.
The classification begins.
Quite a variety was found.
What did you get Roger?
Ok so who found this?
And what does Linda have??? She looks pleased.
Linda, now that you have one, what are you going to do with it? We hope you don't have a recipe...
Food's up!
Eats are always good at Linda's foray, and this year is no exception.
Plenty of hot food and Roger's wine to remove any chill brought on by the rain.
Warming up guys?
Good food and a chance to discuss fungi, you can't beat that.
Nothin' like relaxing after a walk in the woods, or a bunch of cooking and serving.
Looks like the classifications are coming along.
Sort them out Dave!
This year our Scientific Advisor Dave Fischer reviews the findings.
As you can see Dave keeps them riveted.
Looks like a lot of material to cover.
A lot of edibles were found also.
No matter how much you know there is always a chance to learn something new.
While Dave is speaking on the topic of fungi,
there is a lot of attention given to his oratory, until...
he starts doing that "I'm a little mushrooom short and stoudt" song.
We've seen Dave sign a lot of books, signing a fungi, that's new!

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