Summer Foray II

Iron Chef Mushroom with his distinctive mushroom cutting board and Joyce Chen knife awaits the challenger.
Challenger Clay wields his Shun knife with expertise. Will it be enough? Will he wrestle victory from the Iron Chef, whose cuisine reigns supreme?
The Secret Ingredient is revealed: "Lipton Noodle Packets". Iron Chef Bob chooses Garlic Shells and begins to prepare his smoked salmon.
The challenger marinades his chicken and readies some button mushrooms. No, it doesn't look like he's going light with the butter. The Challenger has chosen Parmesan Noodles with which to create his culinary magic.
Using the veteran skills of an Iron Chef, Bob adds rehydrated Morels! The judges will appreciate that. Just 30 minutes left.
We checked with the Challenger and he said, "Give me a break, if I had morels I would have used them also. I've given this my best it will just have to do."
Time's up and the judges await the arrival of the dishes.
The Iron Chef looks confident. "The smoked salmon and morels will bring me victory today!"
So Challenger what was your theme for the secret ingredient? "I wanted to bring out and emphasize the natural flavors of Lipton Noodle packets, they were good and fresh!"
The votes are tallied, both Chefs fought hard and brought forth great examples of culinary mastery with the secret ingredient, but only one may win. Who's cusine reigns supreme?
Iron Chef Mushroom! The master of mushroom, the sensay of salmon takes it again! So this closes Battle Lipton Noodle Packet!
Saturday morning, and nice weather for the first foray. A little coffee helps too.
Roger "the bringer of coffee" outlines the day for John Boyle. Got enough coffee in you Dave?
More arrive for the coffee and Tom Erway's undescribable Everyting for breakfast in one pan. I think he learned that one for one of those cowboy cookoffs.

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