2003 NEMF Foray

Thumbs/tn_Scotts Lake View in front of the Playhouse.jpg
Looking out at the lake from the back porch of the lodge.
Thumbs/tn_Scotts Play House Lake Front View.jpg
Looking from the lake toward the lodge. The socials were held on the first floor, the nightly presentations and evening summaries on the upper floor.
Roger works at the registration desk.
This is Taylor Lockwood the "Worlds Greatest Mushroom Photographer"
Our own Doug Bassett leads a polypore workshop.
Thumbs/tn_NEMF Slides of 2002 097.jpg
Richard presents a workshop on indoor molds.
Thumbs/tn_NEMF Slides of 2002 076.jpg
Clay cuts up in the Mushroom cooking class
Thumbs/tn_NEMF Slides of 2002 079.jpg
This is Dr. Richard P. Korf, Ph.D "Emeritus Professor of Mycology at Cornell University"
Thumbs/tn_NEMF Slides of 2003 055.jpg
All aboard for the "lost foray" led by Bob. Hey it wasn't his fault!

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